Surigao Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

Just like all other places in the Philippines, a city from the south (also known to be a tourist attraction) also celebrates festivals whole year round. Surigao has a lot to offer, though this might sound far especially to those who are not within the reaches of Mindanao. Nevertheless, all efforts are paid off once you get to step into the place. If you are a Surigaonon working from afar or just a simple tourist wishing to visit Surigao someday, here are the festivals that you can save the date to attend to.

Sto. Nino de Bad-asay Fiesta: every 14th of January, Surigaonons celebrate for the feast of the holy child Jesus Christ. It is more like the Sinulog festival of Cebu; it’s just that they focus more on the child instead of the glamorous street dancing.

Sakay-Sakay Abayan Festival: On the first of June, a procession at sea in honor of a patron saint is being conducted. The patroness of Good oyage, Virgen de la Paz y Buen Biaje is carried I a beautiful vessel convoyed by colorful motorboats passing along historic Strait of Surigao.

Tilaw Food Festival: From the Surigaonon dialect “tilaw” meaning taste, the event showcases the culinary heritage of Surigao through food fairs and competitions purposely made to upgrade and promote the city’s food and beverage products.

Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw Festival: This festival from Surigao is celebrated every 10th of September and is an award winning cultural religious festival highlighted by a street dance parade portraying the legends and lifestyle of the earliest tribes inhabiting in the province.

Kaliguan Festival: A week – long celebration every 21st to 25th of June, this is an annual festival in honor to the patron saint John the Baptist. The highlight of this event is the Perlas ng Kaliguan, a beauty pageant and a beach dancing.

Pahinungod Festival: A festival in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, this came from a Cebuano term meaning “dedication”. Celebrated on the 15th of July, the festival is highlighted by the mardi gras along the streets of Carrascal.

Lanuza International Surfing Festival: Aside from Siargao conducting surfing competitions, this event is an invitational international surfing contest every last week of November having the presence of top surfers from different parts of the Philippines and some from other countries.

No matter how far or near this may be from your place, rest assured that everything will all be worth it. Festivals are seasons for celebration, and no one should ever leave without a smile on their faces. Witness the smiles of Surigao, Witness the smiles of the Philippines!


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