The Apo Island: Enjoy Peace and Adventure All at Once

Still wandering in deeper search for Negros Oriental’s soul, a haven for snorkelers awaits at an Island for those who are comfortable with only 3.5 hours of electricity per day. From 6 pm to 9:30 pm, electricity is available at the area and all you’ll hear from that span of hours are Videoke stalls in full blast until complete darkness. Locals are already happy with that life, and in the morning is a paradise view to greet them. The Apo Island is sited off the southern coast of the Negros mainland.

As the Apo Island is known for its huge sea turtles, of course, this is the best thing you shouldn’t miss when in the place. After all, who needs electricity when you can soak up in crystal waters just a few meters from the shore and have a perfect view of sea turtles as long as you want? Additionally, the island was the country’s first successful marine conservation project after having a poor fishing system where everyone solidly depended on dynamite fishing.

You can also have a hike to the light house not because you want to see the lighthouse itself but because of the sunset’s perfect view from the island’s highest point. From this location, you can also view Mt. Talinis from across the seas. Just 15 to 20 minutes of walk, and there you go with a mesmerizing view.

Diving can also be fun in Apo Island as it has western ends accessible despite the closing of eastern parts of dive sites. Just a heads up: these parts as diving sites are more recommended for the advanced divers because of their notorious whirlpool currents. Coral gardens are also significantly visible at Chapel’s Point and West Rock Point of the place.

And lastly, the Apo Island provides interesting points for photographers. A volcanic rock formation in front of Apo Island Beach Resort known as “Boluarte” is the island’s popular landmark. You can also walk inland towards the mangrove area to have more enjoyment of the place.

The Apo Island is a great avenue for those who are looking for solemn and rare vacations, enjoying the greatness of the place and moving away from technology, electricity and all other products of modernity for a span of time. Yes, there are still places that offer this kind of life; and that’s what makes it more fun in the Philippines.


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