Pan de Sal: The Core of our Culture, The Heart of Our Tastes

Filipinos were known today to start the mornings with the Philippine bread, known as Pan de Sal. Known in the English language as bread salt, this is the typical Filipino bread that is traditionally served for breakfast or as an afternoon snack that is usually paired with a cup of coffee.

One of the Portuguese influences, this Filipino favorite is made up of flour, yeast, sugar, and salt. What made it unique is its soft, airy, chewy properties plus a slightly crunchy crust outside. It is also referred to as the poor man’s bread because it served as a low-cost alternative for rice during the war. Today, Pan de Sal is everywhere and comes in different varieties such as a raisin pan de sal, cheese pan de sal, whole wheat pan de sal, vegetable, or just the best home made a plain one.

For most Filipinos, having a serving of this food gives a cozy feeling of “home.” You can have it anytime and anywhere for just a very affordable cost. There are also various ways of enjoying your Pan de Sal. You can have it dipped in a cup of hot coffee, as the Pinoy saying goes “Walang matigas na Pan de Sal sa mainit na kape” or there is no hard bread in hot coffee. You can also make it like a pizza or any other sweet treats by putting strawberry jam, peanut butter, or margarine between.

If you want to have your own, homemade Pan de Sal, it is easy to make. They take time, but it’s surely worth the wait! There is a lot on the internet that gives instruction in doing so. Thus, it is always available to everyone.

This crowned National Bread has been an institution of the Philippine Culture. All these times, the Filipinos haven’t changed at all. Pan de Sal is still the bread of the country and is foreseen to remain still for a long time. Taste it if you haven’t yet, and you’ll love the Filipino way.


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