Saranggani: The Best-Kept Secret of the Mindanao Island

The southern end of Mindanao keeps a very enchanting and mesmerizing adventure of your life from mountains to seas. Its surprises include beaches, rivers, rainforests, abysses, and relics. If you haven’t been in the place and desire to take a visit at least once in your life, here are some of the places where you can find serenity, adventure, and excellent dishes all at the same time.

1.       Gumasa Beach, Glan: Glan gives a peak of Spanish times everywhere. Belonging in the province’s oldest riches, the famous sea gem gleams with its natural turquoise water and pristine white sand shore. This is where the Saranggani Bay festival launches yearly. This is also the perfect place to wait for the gold sunset to come.

2.       Kiamba Baywalk: An old town in the west part of the province, this place is crowned as a paradise by most tourists. To get here, all you need to do is to cross a lovely bridge where you can go on a romantic walk or just a meditative stroll. This is also a perfect place to view the waters from the bay.

3.       Nalus Falls: Nalus Falls is one of the myriad waterfalls the town keeps, and were branded as the “Granite Boulder Spot” where huge boulders of granite are sited to give way to the water. Around the place are lush forests, fishes, and good current water.

4.       Maasim, Tinoto Reef: For all reef fanatics, this bountiful and bright part of Saranggani is a must-try for you! Dive and feast your eyes with big corals, sea anemones, sea turtles, sea fans, and a whole lot more under the surface. All these make the place a haven for scuba diving and snorkeling. Come and discover the deep blue marine world.

5.       Pawikan Sanctuary: Everyone is definitely aware of the threatening endangerment of Pawikans. With the motivation and initiative of one local to start a preservation of these animals, the Pawikan Nesting Sanctuary has lit hope for many Filipinos. Here, they educate tourists about the different species present in the sanctuary, as well as some more information about them. Among all the places you should be, this one would probably be the most heartwarming experience of all.


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